Service For Your Vehicle

With Care, Quality & Respect For YOU & YOUR Car

Pay For Your Vehicle's Service Over Time!

ATA is now offering payment plans for large services and tires. The core offering is a 3 month, same as cash option with 6 and 12 month options available with interest.

Preventative Services

Oil Change

One of the simplest, most effective and inexpensive ways to help protect the life of your car.

State Inspection

State Inspections on Passenger Cars, Light Trucks, Campers & Trailers


Replacement Air, Cabin, Fuel & Transmission Filters replaces for your vehicle.

Windshield Wipers

Worn out wipers creates streaks on your windshield & obstructs your vision.

Car Battery

Any batteries purchases at All Things Automotive can be installed for FREE!

Fuel System Cleaning

One of the most common reasons for loss of fuel economy is a dirty fuel system.

Vital Fluid Exchanges

Green antifreeze, GO5, Dex-cool, whatever your vehicle’s cooling system requires.

Repair Services

Belts & Hoses

Heat, vibration, and chemicals can wear and tear the belts and hoses on your vehicle.


Wether your brakes need inspected or replaced, ATA will get your vehicle running safely again.


All Things Automotive offers a full line of engine repair services even offering a remanufactured replacements.


ATA provides both service to your current exhaust system that can allow for improved efficiency.

Heating & Cooling

ATA has skilled technicians that can handle the complex tasks to repair you heating & cooling problems.

Diagnostics & System Evaluations

Stop guessing and start understanding why your vehicle is having a problem.


We can help your vehicle maintain control and keep your vehicle up and running.


Our transmission service gives you the ability to drive on the road with confidence.

Tire Services


Stay safe on your travels with properly aligned tires.

Tire Balancing

ATA will help ensure where tires last longer by properly balancing your tires.

Tire Repair

Almost any sharp object on the road can cause a flat tire.  We can repair tire tread punctures up to 1/4″ in diameter.

Tire Rotation

Rotating your tires helps to ensure even tire wear amongst all of your tires.

Cleaning Services


Cleaning, restoration and finishing of a vehicle, All Things Automotive has a package to fit your needs.