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Here at All Things Automotive, your safety is our priority. We offer State Inspections on Passenger Cars, Light Trucks, Campers and Trailers with electronic braking systems. We do not inspect vehicles or trailers equipped with air braking systems. If you buy a vehicle from us, you get a FREE state inspection every year! We also offer free estimates for any repairs needed to pass the state inspection.

How Do I Know When My Vehicle Is Due For A State Inspection?

Your vehicle must be inspected by the last day of the month when the inspection is due. If you’re not sure when your vehicle is due for inspection, check the sticker on the lower left hand corner of your drivers window. This will show you the month and year that your vehicle is due for an inspection.

Your Vehicle's Title

A Valid Insurance Card

A Valid Insurance Card


A Valid Registration Card

A valid registration card

*You should put both of these somewheres that a technician can easily find them.

What If My Vehicle Fails Inspection?

If your vehicle is in need of repairs to pass inspection, we will get you a cost estimate and the time needed for those repairs to be completed. You can trust our ASE certified technicians to get the job done right.

PA State Inspection


Inspection fee regardless if your vehicle passes or Fails is

  • Inspection sticker fee is $11.00
  • Tax $2.18
  • Total $39.95

*Did You Know – You can get your state inspection up to two months prior to expiration?