The ATA Advantage

How We Differ From Other Dealerships & Independent Stores

In The Typical “Dealership” World

Dealerships Have High Prices

High Prices

Dealerships carry HIGH overhead. Expensive Buildings. Doing Business to Support Manufacturer vs Supporting the Customer. Those costs have to be passed on to the customer


Typically negotiate the prices of vehicles


From location to set up to support new car sales .. drop off early in the AM come back and pick up later in day. Schedule appointments days maybe weeks ahead of time. Something that needs to be done generally they cant do it because they need to fill their bays all the time. Diagnosis.. Usually come back.. Dont always have the parts you need.. Wide selection of parts not carried. High Priced Warranty Parts (carried) Collision again costing more.

How We Are Different - The ANTI Dealership

A More Customer Friendly Approach


The Best Prices

Less Overhead – No MANUFACTURER to support. Warehouse Concept – Clean Neat Orderly Well Lit Comfortable – Fun to visit. Our vehicles are more affordable because much of our overhead is covered by parts and service.
Quick & Convenient Vehicle Purchasing

More Convenient

Your neighborhood car store. No Appointment Necessary – Parts on Hand / Turn Around Time – Service can be done many times same day offering a competitive advantage in speed of service.
Vehicle Parts


We’re buying our parts directly from the distributor and passing those savings onto the customer.

How We Are Different Than Other Independent Stores

Vehicle Parts


Wide Selection of Parts in Stock and Ready to go direct from the distributor
Vehicle Service


Service By Skilled Technicians
Warranty on Vehicle Service


Warranty on both the part & the service work!
One Stop For All Your Automotive Needs

One Place To Go

ATA “One Stop Shop” combining the fragmented verticals (Parts, Maintenance Services, Tire Sales, and Used Vehicle Sales) into one operation.
Best Prices on Vehicles

Convenience & Low Price

Searching for cars you are going to find that almost all the time our prices are lowest.