Our Values

AT ATA, We Stand Behind These Core Values






Our Guarantee

ATA Negotiation Free

Here at All Things Automotive, we pride ourselves with our transparent and competitive pricing for our vehicles. As our customer, you can rest assured you are getting our lowest price right from the start!

Transparency is more than just a bullet point to us

At All Things Automotive, we clearly display the actual selling price of every car we sell right upfront. What that means is that everyone gets the same great deal and you don’t have to negotiate. No hassle, no haggling. Instead, we’ll share with you how we determined the price as well as actual comparisons of the prices for similar vehicles, so you can see right there and then how good the price actually is. If we don’t take great care with our market research when setting the price, we wouldn’t sell many vehicles, so we really have to make sure the upfront prices are very, very competitive.

The practice of negotiation-free selling is growing, but there are still many dealers who try to maximize the price for each vehicle they sell based on the negotiating skills, or lack thereof of their customers. So when you realize that the price that they are asking is not the actual price, you always have to wonder if you got the best price you could.


We strive to be the most convenient one stop shop for your automotive aftermarket needs. We bring together auto parts, tires, express services, diagnostic and major repair services, appearance services, and sales of used vehicles still under factory warranty all at one place. Because of this, in addition to being convenient, we also have low prices, because we keep our overhead low and we don’t have to cover those costs with just one line of business.

Education Model

Educating our work associates and our customers with the best practices in maintaining and caring for your vehicle sets us apart from many of our competitors. We believe that the more knowledge we have and you have, the happier you will be with your vehicle and the more likely you will become a repeat customer and recommend us to your friends.

Nowhere else will you find the combination of skilled auto technicians, a huge supply of auto parts, AND high-quality used cars at such low prices.

Vehicle Education
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Our Benefits

  • More convenience and lower prices for high quality transportation.
  • We offer prices on lightly used cars, trucks, and SUVs, mostly still under factory warranty, that are 20% to 30% lower than the same models are as new vehicles.
  • Our services are priced very competitively because we have a complete and fully stocked Carquest parts store right on site.
  • We source our tires from the largest tire distributor in the country, ensuring great prices on all brand name tires.
  • And because we don’t rely on just one line of business to cover our expenses, all of our services can be priced lower for a competitive advantage.
  • Having the parts on hand not only lowers the price, but allows us to service your vehicle much faster, allowing under two hour turnarounds in most cases.
  • We have no appointment necessary, so come in when it’s most convenient for you.

All Things Automotive provides excellent customer service with quality pre-owned vehicles, Carquest parts, and service for your one-stop automotive shop. That’s why we believe that you can #RelyOnATA for all of your automotive needs.