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All Things Automotive is a leader in the automotive industry. Our service centers are convenient, quick and affordable. With their skilled technicians, CarQuest parts in house, and commitment to excellence – ATA provides a service that you can rely on.

Any batteries purchases at All Things Automotive can be installed for FREE!

Vehicle Batteries

Warning Signs That It’s Time For A New Battery Include

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Slow engine cranking is the main indicator that the battery is about to die, today’s vehicles require a certain amount of cold cranking amperage to start an engine.

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You may find your interior lights, radio, headlights all operating but the car just will not turn over. That is a sign the amperage is too low to start your vehicle.

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Leaking battery acid and or corrosion on the battery posts may also be an indicator the battery will need replaced.

Battery Pricing

When you purchase a battery from CarQuest, you are eligible for a complimentary installment here at All Things Automotive. Here are some prices for the batteries that we offer:

CarQuest Battery
CarQuest Value Brand Batteries

DieHard Batteries

  • Red: Most sizes 101.37 (1 year warranty)
  • Silver: Most Sizes 135.60 (2 year warranty)
  • Gold: Most Sizes 155.67 (3 year warranty)
  • Advanced Glass Matting(AGM) Batteries Available
Interstate Batteries
Interstate Batteries
  • $109.99-$149.95 (2 year free replacement)
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  • We are selling vehicles with record speed. While we try to keep our website updated, some may have deposits, appointments, or pending deals. Please fill out the form and a staff member will reach out to confirm the availability of this vehicle.

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