Windshield Wipers

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ATA Wiper Installation Services

People often overlook windshield wipers. Extreme temperatures, oil, dirt, and other factors cause your windshield wiper rubber to wear down. A worn out and ineffective wiper creates streaks on your windshield and obstructs your vision. Cracked or torn wipers or jagged edges mean they could cause windshield damage that is irreparable, if this happens it’s time to replace your wipers.

Windshield Wiper Blades

When Is It Time To Replace Your Windshield Wipers

We suggest that you change the rubber and the wiper arm every six months. Our staff at All Things Automotive will fix any of your wiper issues and will let you know which kinds of wipers work for your vehicle.

Free Installation of Windshield Wipers

When you buy your windshield wipers at CarQuest, we replace yours for free!

Windshield Wiper Installation
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