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Brake Inspection & Replacements

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Our Brake Services

The most important factors in your automotive safety, is your ability to steer and your ability to stop. At All Things Automotive we carry the full line of brake parts and offer all of the services necessary to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition.

Warning Signs That It's Time For New Brakes Include

When you notice any brake warning signs, contact us at All Things Automotive by phone, or email, immediately and we’ll take care of your Brake Needs, Most times on a No Appointment Needed Basis

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Squealing or grinding noises when using brakes. This could mean your brakes need to be adjusted or that your brake pads are worn and need replacement.

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Your dashboard’s Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) light turns on. This indicates that your brake fluid is low. You may have a leak in your brake line. Get it inspected.

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While braking, your car pulls to one side. This means that your brakes need adjustment, there is brake fluid leakage, or your brakes are worn out and need replacement.

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Your brakes are hard to press down or feel “spongy.” Usually this means air has gotten into your brake lines or you may have low brake fluid.

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When applying your brakes, your steering wheel, brake pedal, or entire vehicle begins to shake. If this happens, your brake rotors could be warped and need replacement.

Brake Inspection

Brake Inspection $29.95

  • Test Drive to ensure proper stopping distance and check for brake vibration
  • Remove all four wheels to check brake pad life rotor thickness
  • Check brake fluid for contamination
  • Provide a written estimate for all repairs needed

Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pad replacement per axle pricing starting at:

  • $105.95 CarQuest Silver Brake Line available in both Ceramic or Semi-Metallic
  • $119.95 CarQuest Gold Brake Line available in both Ceramic or Semi-Metallic
  • $149.95 CarQuest Platinum Brake Line available in both Ceramic or Semi-Metallic

Service includes:

  • Clean all contact points
  • Lube all slides and pins
  • Grind pad contact points as needed to ensure proper fit
  • Perform a final road test to ensure brake pad seating, and with stopping distance

Types of Pads

  • Ceramic and Semi-Metallic